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Bring companies and customers closer, and achieve marketing activities that are intimate.

  • Through 1-on-1 interactive dialogue between characters and customers, we achieve marketing activities that are intimate, bringing the company closer to the customers.
  • By making the character the main focus of the customer experience, it is possible to build and strengthen relationships with customers, and play an important role in improving customer engagement.
  • Character and dialogue AI can be used at all customer touchpoints in marketing activities, It can bring a sense of unity to a series of customer experiences, from awareness acquisition to customer loyalty.




Character setting tailored to
the brand and purpose

ブランド・用途に合わせた<br />キャラクター設定
  • We can create characters that match your company's brand, purpose, and target customers. These characters will help your customers develop an attachment and enable you to build an ongoing relationship with them.
  • Through dialogue between characters and customers, bring your company and customers closer and achieve an intimate marketing approach.
  • Characters can be 2D or 3D. A wide range of characters can be used, including abstract characters and virtual humanized versions of real people.


Contribute to your business
through high-quality dialogue AI


By designing communication that aligns with the customer's voice, the character AI can interactively engage with customers through LINE, websites, social media, and apps, improving conversion rates for preventing service withdrawal, enhancing product understanding, increasing membership registrations, and promoting purchases. We have a track record of 60% customer acquisition rate and a 30% conversion rate, and believe that interactive experiences is effective in enhancing customer engagement and changing attitudes.

多様なマーケティング機能で<br />顧客の貴社との関係を強化


Strengthening the relationship with your customers
through various marketing.

多様なマーケティング機能で<br />顧客の貴社との関係を強化
  • Your company can directly and individually gather the voices of customers and provide feedback to marketing, planning, or sales activities. It can also be used to communicate your company's ideas directly to your customers.
  • Depending on customer attributes, it is possible to differentiate push notifications. Analysis is also possible through the accumulation of user information and conversation records.


シナリオ会話・一問一答・AI会話など<br />あらゆる会話形式に対応

Supports all types of conversation formats such as
scenario dialogue, question and answer, and AI conversation.

シナリオ会話・一問一答・AI会話など<br />あらゆる会話形式に対応シナリオ会話・一問一答・AI会話など<br />あらゆる会話形式に対応

Compatible with various interfaces
(LINE, SNS, websites and apps)

ユーザーデータの<br />蓄積・分析などが可能

User data can be
stored and analyzed


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Case Study


Utilizing characters as a dialogue interface with numerous customers, we aim to bring customers and companies closer together.

Before introduction

  • Want to promote the digitalization of customer communication.
  • Want to achieve communication that allows customers to feel more intimate with your company
  • Want to achieve uniform communication at each touchpoint

After introduction

  • 1-on-1 interactive dialogue between the character and the customer, bringing the company and customer closer together, realizing marketing activities that are intimate.
  • You can bring a sense of unity to the series of customer experiences from awareness acquisition to customer conversion at every customer touchpoint.


By AI and digitalization of marketing activities, it is possible to build relationships with a wider range of customers.

Before introduction

  • Challenges in building long-term customer relationships by simply securing awareness through TV commercials and digital advertising
  • Failure to understand the actual situation of customers and stimulate demand lead to unsuccessful results.
  • Failure to secure customer touchpoints may reduce company loyalty and prevent continued purchases and contracts.

After introduction

  • Your company's character carries out 1-on-1 relationship building for each customer.
  • By interacting with customers, you can improve CVR (Conversion Rate) by building relationships, preventing service withdrawal, enhancing product understanding, increasing membership registrations, and promoting purchases.
  • Dialogue between celebrities featured in TV commercials/other media and customers can also be achieved using LINE, websites and SNS accounts.


Introducing interactive AI into the recruitment process. Reduced workload up to application and improved applicant engagement.

Before introduction

  • Candidates visit our company page, but it doesn't lead to applications.
  • Scouts are sent out but have not received a reply.
  • Even though the materials explaining the company are attached to the website and scout emails, the recipients do not seem to understand the overview during the interview.
  • Even if we manage to get interest from the candidates, it takes time to arrange casual meetings and schedule interviews, and by the time we schedule one, other companies have already progressed in their selection process.

After introduction

  • Utilized conversational AI to conduct company introduction dialogues on our website and LINE. Increased candidate interest and engagement, resulting in an increase in the number of applicants.
  • If candidates are interested, the man-hours required to set up interviews could be reduced by booking casual interviews/interviews automatically.
  • By using conversational AI to answer questions about the company and recruitment activities, there is no need to answer the same questions multiple times during interview processes.